We Can Remove Any Blockage Using 150' Cables

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Some blockages can form deep within your water lines, way out of reach of many drain snakes. Fortunately, Redwood Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Inc can provide effective drain blockage repairs using specialty equipment. We'll come prepared with a 100' or 150' cable, which is the longest drain snake available on the market.

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Common causes of blockages

Frequent drain blockage repairs can drain your savings, but there are a few ways to prevent clogs from forming in your water lines. Here's how to prevent the buildup of...

  • Hair - place guards in your shower drains.
  • Grease - save or throw away oil and cooking fat.
  • Food waste - create a compost pile for food scraps.

It's also smart to schedule routine drain cleaning services. Make an appointment today by contacting our master plumber in Eureka, CA.